Thursday, June 22, 2006


My 2:40 class was an extra sleepy one. We looked at the different features of Romanesque and Gothic churches...Zzzzz....I ended up day dreaming.. (what do you expect to imagine when your talking bout churches?..haha) Hope you get me!
Although it was sleepy, i was able to realize a certain fact. Here's what I've learned:
Father Salcedo said that the Gothics were a reactionary to the romanesque design. To put it simply, the Gothics opposed the romanesque design and so it did some modifications.. alot of modifications..
Why am I telling you this..? ( Just read on.. I'm trying to be interesting..)
One feature of the Gothic Church is the presence of a lot of GARGOYLES.
FYI: Gargoyles are images of devils, monsters and the like.
The architects thought that the best way to defeat the devils (in a way) is to make fun of them. Instead of portraying them as scary images, they thought of making them look funny. And so, they placed the "funny" and less scary Gargoyles all over the church. (remember the hunchback of notradame?)
another info : the notradame, st. sulpice church and the big church in milan with a lot of spyres are all gothic inspired.
The architects also placed the gargoyles on every mouth of the roof where water flows when there is rain. So just inagine the big mouths of the devils splurting out water evertime it rains...
Idea : Let the "gargoyles" of your life stay. Live with them and learn to play the ordeal. If you fight back through confrontation, you lose. If you forget them and just stay away, you're a loser too. Better master your art of war. Just like what the architects did. They didn't erase the "gargoyles" in Catholic belief, in fact, they encourage it to be a part of their temples of worship...( but they portrayed the enemies differently..)
Lesson:To all of us, good luck. Let's just remember that no matter how many gargoyles we have in our lives, there are more angels who love and care for us...=)
Now I'm feeling good..(Nice metaphor huh...)
Here's a line from the O.C you have to keep in mind:
Don't let other people salt your game!

Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm keeping my hopes high that this week will be a good one for me. I guess it hasn't disappointed me yet since I had a sound sleep last night and I woke up feeling light and happy. Anj (my dorm mate) has finally went home and what's good is that I won't be spending my nights alone in the dorm anymore..=) I'm still missing teddy so much but it's okei because he makes me feel that he's near anyway..(owwww...)
It was my first time to wear a skirt (mind you, it's a little above the knee) in school and it went good besides Malia and Lau (to mention a few) saying waaaa "nakaskirt ka"!haha.. I ate my lunch at around three with friends at ali's tambayan - the venue..(but he wasn't there)..haha.. I ordered my favorite adobo rice but I think it was a liitle salty than the usual. Anyway, I still enjoyed the meal.
I went to gmg with kaymee for my first residency at the office... there i met new people like keithleen, marica, pam, richard, lou, nikki, chuckie and eric..=)
Later did I found out that someone's moving in steph's old place. So it means that I have a new dorm mate whom if I'm not mistaken is a com arts professor and who is currently taking up her masterals degree according to the frontdesk..I'm excited to meet her.. I hope she will be patient enough to understand my kaingayan...most especially when i'm getting hyper..! I always do..
NOw I have to look for a Filipino version of the Full House koreanovela..we need it tomorow!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I've spent so many nights staying alone in 408. That's the number of the "lonely room" and the cold room and the small room...grrr i hate it. That's the disadvantage of living in a dorm..or dormtel (it's a dorm and a hotel) whatsoever..and I forget to tell that in my impromptu speech last Fri..(it was the topic i picked!)

I guess its over since anj will be coming home from Davao.

I want to get rid of this feeling so i'm going out!!! yehey with my sister and his special friend..(is that a yehey? - i don't think so..) I'm getting bitter again..grrr..

It's father's day! Happy father's day dad and to all the dads reading this. Congratulations for making us and now we have to feel the bitter pains of life! Thank you for having the urge for now were old enough to make one too! (o stop me!...)

Seriously, dad you know how proud and lucky i am to have you.. Kahit you're spending your day alone because of work. There are lots of days pa naman..:)

Happy Sunday!

My Lonely nights are over!

Friday, June 16, 2006


** I'm sorry for the template trouble..i had to figure it out..I hope i've fixed it for good..
Everyone's busy these days.. so am I. ..
After learning that I passed my dream organization, the green media group, i still was not completely happy. Yes, it was really a fulfillment knowing that I passed the tough exam and interview of one of the most prestigioius organizations in DLSU but I wasn't totally excited since not all of my friends I wished to experience gmg work with, were able to make it. But still I'm looking forward to work witht he group and start my residency next week..big time!
God has never failed me with the opportunities he continously gives me. I was also invited to work as an executive staff of the common life taskforce of the lassallian youth commission. That's double bigtime! I hope I could carry all these loads of work throughout the year..goodluck nalang sa akin..
** I feel that something's wrong with me today.. To lau,malia,sara,cuyeg and toni: sori, you got to see me not in my nicest mood..(bawi ako sa inyo) Its good I was finally able to deliver my impromtu speech..It went good, thank God.. Lau I really have to talk to you. Marami tlaga tayong kailangan pagusapan..alam ko ikaw rin..hay dme kasi frustrations sa buhay..=(
I hope that tomorrow will be a fine day for me..pambawi nman LOrd please..I admit that i'm emotionally shaky at this point in time but I know na i could fix it soon..
sorry..(you know who you are) I hope you would extend your patience more. There are just things that I couldn't tell you because I know you just wouldn't understand me..I want you to know that i'm not asking for any demands or whatsoever.. ikaw na bahala..
I guess its time for me to go home..happy weekends everyone!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


some random thoughts..while waiting for an email..

this day wasn't as usual as before. good for me!(?)

1. i just had a foot spa..with my dad!
2. i waited for almost 45 minutes to get my allowance grrr..
3. i finally found a vacant table at chef d angelo!
4. i got my wyt shirt stained with a red sauce..eww...(good thing i was able to remove it)
5. i got a sun text and call unlimited
6. we finished the necessary things for the b.a booth for next week! (Thanks lau,jason,wey,mara, meg and marianne for coming!)
7. Agno was surprisingly open and i got to eat a freshly cooked burger!
8. it rained all night and i've got no choice but to buy insant noodles in the store down the lobby.
9. i enjoyed day dreaming again.. shopping in hong kong!
10. kim won the pbb summer edition
11. i got to talk to mac and ate yoya..

and finally...

12. my sister's officially inlove! She's no longer single ladies and goodness i still can't believe it!

** I still need an explanation..hmf...better call me...

Friday, June 02, 2006


I have survived the second week and it's just time to treat myself. I've been craving for tosh for almost a week since nabitin ako nun the last time we ate there.. (dba lau?) Thanks kim at naisip mong kumain tayo dun.
We got a new prof in intreco and he sounds like work.. Anyway, this morning was the start of our impromptu speech in my engltri class. It's good I wasn't called yet since Ive got colds and cough.. My classmates presented very well so I'm getting pressured. haha congrats to kim and sara you made it!
I'm still anxious about the whole speech idea because I get nervous when pressured. But never's weekends!
We were supposed to be going to mall of asia but then there are a lot of delays with the last minute org application so we ended up eating in the old spag haus. I wanted to watch da vinci (loser - i haven't watched it yet) but then it seems like it will rain hard so we didn't push through. I hope lau and I can watch tomorow since i've got something to do in school for the "majors problem" project..
I'm missing my teddy's our 5th monthsary and guess what? where thousand miles away..infact, out of the 5 months of celebration, we just got to celebrate one mothsary...huhuhu... I can't wait to see you next week..=)
I hope i could finish all the papers due for next the scriptwriting pool take home exam..goodluck nalang sa akin!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I have at last accepted the idea of back-to-school work. It is almost two weeks after the first day of classes and I am back to usual everyday stuff plus more loads of work to do (That is what I get from choosing to be a part of the Student Council…still I have no regrets..=)). I am now a certified part of the upperclassmen..! Haha! no longer a froshie my dear.. I will be graduating young - as young as 19 years old.=) and i will be taking my very first majors this coming term and I can’t wait to hold a camera..(nevermind the research papers and critiques..) This year would definitely be a tight one for me - loaded with a lot of academic responsibilities and extra-curricular activities. (Ganun pa man, d mawawala ang gimmick at love life…hehe shempre;) okay ba?)

Tomorrow I will have to be ready for a report presentation (am I?) and an impromptu speech (how will I be prepared with such if it’s really unprepared in nature!) The weekdays are over by tomorrow. I plan of watching a movie with friends..sana naman please!haha… How I wish teddy would be coming over before his class starts..sana lang..
It is the first death anniv of my mom on June 9. She needs your prayers..please pray for her..
I guess I will end up till here. I still have to talk to my ELY BUENDIA.. ( courtesy of lau and kim) ehehehe….;) ej what can you say?
By the way happy monthsary my beloved baby chubby!